What Does a Destination Management Company (DMC) Do?

Destination Management Company

Destination management is an intricate planning process that requires local knowledge and resources to develop unique experiences in each city. With their wealth of connections and expertise, a Destination Management Company (DMCs) will customize events within their client’s budgets. Whether it’s developing custom restaurant menus, reserving exclusive venues, or providing knowledgeable guides around town—a reputable DMC will take all of the planning burdens off your plate so that you can focus on enjoying the moment.

Who Hires A DMC?

Destination management companies (DMCs) provide a valuable service for event planners, travel agents, and anyone responsible for organizing events. This could include a bride or wedding planner; a company event planner, or organizations who need to organize events in unfamiliar locations. A DMC can manage some, or all aspects of an event, from selecting venues and arranging transportation to designing activities and scheduling entertainment for guests. DMCs have become indispensable partners for those planning events abroad or in unfamiliar cities.

What Should I Look for Before Hiring A Destination Management Company?

When planning an event, many people turn to a Destination Management Company (DMC) for assistance. Nashville is home to numerous DMCs, like Latitude Longitude. Organizations seeking help with their event planning needs may turn to DMCs for many reasons. In addition to the expertise necessary to coordinate all of the various details of an event, DMCs can provide access to local resources that those without intimate knowledge of a destination simply wouldn’t know about. In addition, their experience in handling large-scale gatherings means they understand how best to manage logistics while still meeting the expectations and objectives of the client.

When selecting a DMC, some key factors should be taken into consideration.

Destination management companies provide invaluable insight, local expertise, and a wealth of resources to ensure that any event runs smoothly, from coordinating transportation, lodging, catering, and more.

If you are preparing to plan an event in Nashville or the surrounding cities and require extensive coordination expertise, contact Latitude Longitude. Our intimate understanding of the area will help make your event a success.

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